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We believe that health is more than just medicine - it's about living the best way you can and helping others do the same. Sharing your story on this site means joining a larger conversation between Experts, patients, caregivers, and other individuals.

About Our Experts:

Our goal is to have a host of experts leading the discussion and keeping you informed. Our Experts are chosen from individuals who have proven themselves to be leaders in the field: Authors, journalists, medical professionals and advocates–each of Our Experts has shown that he or she is passionate and knowledgeable about this condition. Most have been down this road themselves, and they're committed to sharing their experience with you.

Although only your own doctor can give you specific medical advice, the medical professionals on our staff strive to make sure you are armed with the best information available. They'll keep you up to date about medication, treatment and the latest news and research. Remember–you're a partner in your medical decisions. Ask questions and take charge of your health.

How You Can Join the Conversation:

Only someone who has been there knows about the hardships and triumphs of dealing with this condition, and has practical advice that might be invaluable to others. So what has worked for you? What hasn't? Are there particular diets, tools, or "tips and tricks" that help you deal day-to-day? Can you recommend books, articles, or pages on this Web site, or other sites that might be useful to others?

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For SharePost Readers and Contributors:

Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed by you and other members of this site should not be considered medical advice; nor are they a substitute for consulting with your healthcare provider. We encourage you to consult with your physician before making any healthcare decisions.

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