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by Teri Robert, Lead Expert

Key sections of our site

Our site is organized with several different sections, by kind of content or by subject. Below are some key sections that you may find especially helpful.

Book and Product Reviews
Find information and ratings of the newest books and products related to Migraine disease and headaches.
Conditions Related to Migraine
Migraine and other conditions can be related in varying ways. Check here for more information on Migraine and depression, stroke, thyroid, and more.
Drug Information
Find information on drugs commonly prescribed for Migraine, as well as how to take them, common side effects, and interactions with other drugs.
Famous Migraineurs
Julius Caesar, Thomas Jefferson, Picasso, Terrell Davis, Marcia Cross, even Elvis, and more... Migraineurs all!


Live Online Migraine Chats
Chat with others live about Migraine and headache issues that concern us all.
Migraine and Headache Glossary
Definitions and discussions of medical terms related to Migraine and other headache disorders.
Migraine Medications and Treatments
Learn about the many medications and treatments available to treat or prevent Migraines.
Migraine Triggers
Learn how to identify the foods, habits, and environmental factors that can trigger your Migraines, and how you can avoid them.
Quizzes, Tools, and Tips
Use our Migraine and headache tips, interactive tools to check your Migraine IQ, learn new facts, or just have fun!
Support, Advocacy, Legal Issues
Find information on managing insurance problems, your rights under the law, how to deal with people who don't understand Migraines, and more.
Types of Migraines and Headaches
There are many different kinds of Migraines and other head pain disorders.  Learn the basics of each type, and how they are commonly treated.
Understanding Migraines
Migraines disease and chronic headaches can wreak havoc on your ability to function and enjoy your life each day. Here, you'll find information from the basics of what causes Migraines and what you can do to manage the disease to reports on the latest research.
Working with Doctors
The right doctor is essential to good Migraine care. Here, you'd find  resources to help you form an active, effective partnership with your doctor. There's also a listing of patient recommended Migraine and headache specialists.


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