Whoopi Goldberg - Famous and Successful Despite Migraines

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Ms. Goldberg's has had television roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation; the sitcom Soap dish; was a frequent guest on Hollywood Squares, and had a late night talk show called The Whoopi Goldberg Show. Whoopi is currently a moderator on the daytime talk show The View.

Ms. Goldberg was the executive producer of Strong Medicine, a series on Lifetime Television. One episode of that show included a story line about an artist who had Migraine Disease. Teri Robert commented on that episode:

"That episode of Strong Medicine that dealt with an artist with Migraine disease was the best, most accurate, and most honest of any television series episodes that I have ever seen. Peter, one of the nurses in the medical practice, was dating an artist who had Migraine with aura. Medications had been prescribed for the artist, but she didn't take them because much of her art was inspired by visual disturbances from her auras. One night, she collapsed with a terrible Migraine attack, and Peter rushed her to the ER. During her follow-up appointment with Dr. Louisa Delgado, "Dr. Lou" explained to her that Migraine is a disease and that she needed to take medications to help prevent her frequent and severe Migraines. She explained to the artist how to take better care of herself and prescribed Inderal for prevention. No television drama episode has ever impressed me as much."

Ms. Goldberg is also an author with several books to her credit, including:

  • "Book"
  • Whoopi's Big book of Manners
  • Sugar Plum Ballerinas (a series of books for children)
  • Alice (for children)

Whoopi Goldberg has a lengthy history with Migraine disease. Leading a busy, hectic lifestyle makes it difficult for anyone to avoid certain things that may trigger a Migraine attack. Included in this list are certain foods, interrupted in sleep patterns, and changes in the weather. Reducing any avoidable triggers (certain foods and sleep issues for example,) and identifying new triggers by keeping a Migraine diary is a good start for new Migraine management plan. Once those triggers are identified, you can work to further reduce the number of Migraines you have. 


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