Famous Migraineurs

Many famous individuals throughout history have suffered from Migraine disease.  Learn more about how they dealt with their condition, and how public perception of the disease has changed over time.

  • Alice in WonderlandFamous Migraineurs: Lewis Carroll
    It's believed that Lewis Carroll had Migraines and that some of the imagery in "Alice in Wonderland" came from his experiences with Migraine aura.
  • Marcia CrossFamous Migraineurs: Marcia Cross
    Best known as Desperate Housewife Bree van de Kamp, Marcia Cross balances family, career, and Migraines.
  • Julius Caesar, Famous MigraineurJulius Caesar: Roman Emperor, Migraineur
    One of the most famous politicians and soldiers in history, Julius Caesar, had Migraines and, perhaps, epilepsy.
  • Marcia CrossInterview - Marcia Cross on Life and Migraines
    Teri Robert interviews Marcia Cross of "Desperate Housewives" fame about her battle with Migraines and the importance of being a proactive Migraineur.
  • Famous Migraineur Anne FrankFamous Migraineurs: Anne Frank
    From Anne Frank's diary and letters, experts have determined that her symptoms met IHS criteria for probable Migraine and tension-type headaches.
  • Famous Migraineur Whoopi GoldbergWhoopi Goldberg - Famous and Successful Despite Migraines
    Many famous people live and work with Migraines, including actress, comedienne, author, and producer Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Famous Migraineurs: Percy Harvin
    Migraines have had a strong impact on the career of Percy Harvin, a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. His Migraines have caused him to miss games and practices and even to be taken off the field in an ambulance.
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson suffered from what some theorize to have been Migraines, tension-type headaches or even cluster headaches, throughout his prolific career.
  • Famous Migrainers: Kris Letang
    Kris Letang, defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Stanley Cup winner, also has Migraines.
  • Famous Migraineur: Loretta LynnFamous Migraineurs: Loretta Lynn
    Being a wife and mother of four by the time you're 18-years-old is tough enough; accomplishing this with Migraines is almost unimaginable. But Loretta Lynn did just that.
  • Terrell Davis, Famous MigraineurFamous Migraineurs - Terrell Davis
    Denver Broncos player Terrell Davis made the news when hit with a Migraine attack during a Broncos game.
  • John F. Kennedy's Migraines - A Secret?
    Very few people know that President John F. Kennedy had Migraines? Why?
  • Famous Migraineur Gustav MahlerFamous Migraineurs: Gustav Mahler
    Composer and conductor Gustav Mahler was a truly inspiring musician. The fact that he composed and conducted despite Migraines takes him a notch above amazing.
  • Famous Migraineurs: Dame Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, once hailed as "the most beautiful woman in the world," was also a Migraineur.
  • Famous Migraineurs: Vincent Van Gogh
    Vincent van Gogh, born in Groot-Zundert, Holland, on March 30, 1853 may have suffered from Migraine or another headache disorder during his short, yet prolific art career.
  • Marcia CrossMarcia Cross on Navigating Holiday Parties with Migraines
    More than 36 million Americans, including TV and Film Actress Marcia Cross, suffer from Migraines, and exposure to Migraine-related triggers can peak during the holiday season.
  • Cindy McCain Speaks About MigrainesInterview with Cindy McCain: Migraine Sufferer, Advocate
    Mrs. McCain is out to to shake things up when it comes to Migraines, awareness, and research. What she believes should be done and what she's going to do about it -- directly from her.
  • Does Harry Potter Have Migraines?Does Harry Potter Have Migraines?
    Are the headaches that originate in Harry Potter's scar really Migraines?  Teri Robert interviews Dr. Fred Sheftell, one of the authors of an article in Headache, “Harry Potter and the Curse of Headache.”
  • Elvis & LSD? No, DHE for Migraine!
    Michael Coleman, Executive Director of MAGNUM, investigates how Elvis Presley dealt with Migraines, and how public misunderstanding of Migraine disease has affected his legacy.
  • Carly Simon, Famous MigrainuerFamous Migraineurs: Carly Simon
    Carly Simon, singer/songwriter, wife and mother, has been able to have both a family and a career, despite having Migraine disease.
  • Famous Migraineurs: Sharon Stone
    Actress Sharon Stone is a fellow Migraineur. She also had an experience that demonstrates that we need to see our doctors when we have the "worst Migraine ever."