Seven Healthy Habits of Headache and Migraine Sufferers

by Teri Robert, MyMigraineConnection Lead Expert

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In observance of the 14th annual National Headache Awareness Week (NHAW), June 3 -9, the National Headache Foundation (NHF) is focusing attention on Seven Healthy Habits of Headache Sufferers. National Headache Awareness Week is an effort to provide practical advice to headache and Migraine sufferers to help reduce headache and Migraine risk and live life more fully when affected by headaches and Migraine disease.


“The tips offered by the National Headache Foundation can provide important stepping stones to reduce headache frequency and severity… It is also critical for frequent headache sufferers to talk with their healthcare provider about how to best manage their headaches.”

Seymour Diamond, MD

Executive Chairman of the National Headache Foundation


The Seven Healthy Habits of Headache Sufferers include the following tips that can be easily incorporated in sufferers’ lives:

1.      Diet: Eat regular meals, avoiding foods and drinks that are known to trigger attacks. (For help identifying food triggers, see Managing Migraine – Migraine Trigger Foods.)

2.      Sleep: Maintain a regular sleeping schedule, including weekends and vacations.

3.      Stress: Implement stress reduction techniques into your daily life. Even though there is some controversy about whether stress alone is a Migraine trigger, stress is a factor in tension-type headaches, which can trigger Migraines, and stress does make Migraineurs more susceptible to their triggers.

4.      Headache and Migraine diary: Keep a headache and Migraine diary of when your attacks occur, along with any triggers, and share the information with your healthcare provider.

5.      See your healthcare provider: Make an appointment with your healthcare provider to specifically discuss your headaches and / or Migraines.

6.      Be a partner in your health care: Be informed, be a participant in your treatment and be an advocate for your care.

7.      Education: Stay appraised of the latest headache and Migraine news and treatment.


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