"Migraine and Other Headaches" - Review

by Teri Robert, MyMigraineConnection Lead Expert

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Review – “Migraine and Other Headaches”

by William B. Young, MD, and Stephen D. Silberstein, MD

Ranking 5 stars out of 5

We often discuss the need for and benefits of headache and Migraine sufferers educating ourselves and becoming active participants in our health care. This book both reflects that philosophy and provides us with a great educational resource. Definitely a must-have book, "Migraine and Other Headaches" was written by Dr. William B. Young and Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein, both noted experts in the treatment of headache disorders and Migraine.

I asked Dr. Young why he wanted to write this book:


"The book is important to me for several reasons. The public in general and headache sufferers in particular deserve an accurate, up to date exposure to headache and treatment. There are a lot of myths about headache still floating around that need to be debunked. Many issues I find important in headache have not been addressed in recent books for the public.

I hope readers without headache and those with well controlled headache will see how interesting the study of headache really is. For the many people with poorly controlled headaches, I hope they learn what options are out there, and if they have tried them all, understand that every few years a new treatment comes around that suddenly "saves" a whole new group of previously untreatable headaches. I also hope readers of the book understand that more than some medical conditions, active participation in care rather than passive pill taking makes all the difference.

The book is the first in a series brought out by the American Academy of Neurology. Future books will cover multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, stroke, etc. It is a great honor to me that Dr. Silberstein and I were chosen to author the first book in the series."


Strengths of this book:

  • In their practice, Young and Silberstein both believe in educated patients who work with them as "treatment partners." This philosophy comes through quite strongly in the book.
  • The excellent illustrations are both educational and interesting.
  • Essential points are broken out and repeated in shaded boxes so they're not overlooked.
  • The book speaks not only to educating patients, but also to educating healthcare providers.
  • "Migraine and Other Headaches" addresses the types of head pain that are often left unaddressed in books as well as other illnesses that frequently accompany headache.
  • The book is written in a style that gives plenty of information, yet is easy to follow and understand.


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