Goodnighties Sleepwear and Migraine: Product Review

by Teri Robert, Lead Expert

Migraines strike us in many ways. There's more to a Migraine attack than the headache. In fact, for a diagnosis of Migraine, symptoms other than headache are necessary. There are many potential symptoms of Migraine.

One symptom that I find especially bothersome is chilling, then feeling overheated. One minute, I'll be huddling under the covers; the next, I'm throwing off all the covers and feeling hot and sticky. A few months ago, Karen Lee Richards, who writes for our sister site, told me about a new kind of sleepwear she had tried. She had thought of me because she knows that Migraines can make us so miserable. This led to my testing a nightgown made by Goodnighties.

About Goodnighties® and the fabric:

The manufacturers call this line of sleepwear "recovery sleepwear." Goodnighties® sleepwear is made from a fabric called IonX®. Here's some information from a Goodnighties press release:

Goodnighties sleepwear is made with revolutionary IonX fabric that is scientifically proven to restore muscles, reduce pain, balance the body and bring relief to women who suffer from the effects of night sweats and hot flashes.

Ionized daywear has long been used by the medical field, professional and Olympic athletes, the military and NASA because of its proven healing, pain blocking and performance enhancing properties. Even racehorses have experienced these benefits in the form of blankets and leg wraps.

"The power of negative ions has long been known. But now for the first time, women will be able to experience the positive effects negative ions have on well being," said leading scientist Albert B. Ouimet, PhD, MBA, who was part of the original team creating the IonX patent. "Women who wear Goodnighties with IonX achieve better, deeper, more comfortable sleep so they awaken feeling refreshed and recharged," said Dr. Ouimet.

If you'd like more research materials about Goodnighties and IonX, you can find it HERE.

My Goodnighties experience:

I'm always skeptical about products, especially when they sound just too good to be true. Still, I'm willing to try products with the understanding that I'll pull no punches and give my opinion openly and honestly. I had the choice of several styles of Goodnighties gowns and pajamas. Since I'm most comfortable in simple gowns, I chose a simple, sleeveless nightgown to try. When it arrived, I washed it and put it in my dresser drawer, ready for my next Migraine.

When that next Migraine arrived, I took my medication, put on my Goodnighties gown, and crawled into bed. When the nausea hit, I knew what to expect next - chills and hot flashes. They arrived, BUT they were far milder than usual. Plus, I didn't feel damp and sticky, didn't feel as if I needed to crawl out of my bed and back into the shower. It seemed that those particular symptoms were diminished, AND I was far more comfortable while waiting for my medications to work than I usually am.

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