Current Migraine and Headache Clinical Trials

by Nancy Harris Bonk

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Clinical trials of medications and other treatments for Migraines, headaches, and other conditions are conducted for a variety of reasons. They gather data to determine if medications and other treatments are effective, if they're safe, what potential side effects they may have. Clinical trials also study particular symptoms, the effects of Migraine and other conditions on the body and various organs, and many other things.

Participating in clinical trials can be one way to help add to the body of medical knowledge and evidence and to try medications and treatments not yet available.

Below, is a list of clinical trials which are enrolling participants for various trials related to Migraine and other headache disorders. For more information about any of these trials, simply click the link. This listing will be updated monthly.

A Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of DR-105 for Menstrually-Related Migraine Headaches Identifier: NCT00781456
Condition: Migraine
Interventions: Drug: DR-105; Other: Placebo

Medicine Abuse Headache Identifier: NCT01170793
Condition: Migraine
Intervention: Behavioral: educative telephone coaching (ETC)

Determine Central 5-HT1B Receptor Occupancy of ZOMIG® Rapimelt (Zolmitriptan) in Healthy Male Volunteers Identifier: NCT01085123
Condition: Migraine
Interventions: Drug: Rapimelt; Drug: [11C]AZ10419369

A Study of Family-based Cognitive-behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pediatric Headache and Anxiety Identifier: NCT01182051
Conditions: Pediatric; Headache; Anxiety
Intervention: Behavioral: CBT or relaxation training

Does Treximet Improve Productivity and Patient Satisfaction Due to Sustained Response and Consistency of Response? Identifier: NCT01086358
Condition: Workplace Migraine Treatment
Interventions: Drug: Usual prescribed triptan; Drug: Treximet for Migraine treatment

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