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Create a SharePost. Only someone who has been there knows about the hardships and triumphs of dealing with a condition, and has practical advice that might be invaluable to others. So what has worked for you? What hasn't? Are there particular diets, tools, or "tips and tricks" that help you deal day-to-day? Can you recommend books, articles, or pages on this Web site, or other sites that might be useful to others? SharePosts make it easy to share your story, post a question or make recommendations. Whether it is a regular update on your life story or a single, simple tip that may help someone get through the day, SharePosts are your way to join the conversation. Share Your Experience - Start Here!

My Home

This personal and private space allows you to create or edit SharePosts, update your profile, send and receive messages with other members in this community, post pictures and track SharePosts that other members have written. You must be a registered user - Not Registered? Click Here.


Our Experts help lead the community discussion and keep you informed. They are individuals who have proven themselves to be leaders in the field: Authors, journalists, medical professionals and advocates--each of Our Experts has shown that he or she is passionate and knowledgeable about this condition. Most have been down this road themselves, and they're committed to sharing their experience with you.

Although only your own doctor can give you specific medical advice, the medical professionals on our staff strive to make sure you are armed with the best information available. They'll keep you up to date about medication, treatment and the latest news and research. Remember--you're a partner in your medical decisions. Ask questions and take charge of your health. Meet our team.

Introducing CareCentral

A Community Organizer CareCentral allows you or your loved one to create your own personalized Web site to provide friends and families with a central hub to keep in touch, stay informed and share support during important events in your life. Whether it is a time of joy or sadness, you want your loved ones to share in your happiness and lend their support when you need it most. Start your CareCentral site today!

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