What Would You Say to MS? Coping with the Disease

  • The height of a movie or television crime drama is when the victim or victim’s family has the opportunity to come face to face with the perpetrator and unapologetically pours out the pain the accused has caused. It often is a cathartic moment that assists in the victims’ healing process.

    At times we all likely feel as though we are the innocent victims of Multiple Sclerosis. If MS were personified and you were given the chance to meet it face to face, just like it’s depicted in Hollywood, what would you say? Would you be angry? Vengeful? Or could you, as Pope John Paul II was when he met the person who tried to assassinate him, find it in your heart to forgive it? To thank it?

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    In talking about this, we surprisingly realized we would do all of the above.

    Jennifer: “I would try to hurt it like it’s hurt me.”

    Dan: “I’d just sit and stare at it and try to get into its head, just as it’s gotten into mine. Make it wonder what I was going to do next.”

    Jennifer: “You’re not stronger than me.”

    Dan: “You made things a challenge, but I’m not impressed.”

    Jennifer: “Why?”

    Dan: “Could I have avoided you?”

    Jennifer: “Sure you’ve taken a lot from me, but you haven’t won all the time.”

    Dan: “I don’t think I would have started running and losing weight without you.”

    Jennifer: “Without you, I’d have no Dan.”

    Dan: “Without you, I’d have no Jennifer.”

    Jennifer and Dan: “You put our lives into focus. Now go pick on somebody your own size!”

    So, then, what would you say to Multiple Sclerosis?

Published On: July 02, 2011