Does MS Control Your Life: Question of the Week

  • It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re sitting at home writing our Question of the Week.

    But Jennifer and I really should be on the road returning home to Michigan after making a quick trip back to Monticello, Iowa, for my 20th high school reunion.

    Nearly two decades have passed since I’ve seen most of the 72 people I graduated with, and since May I was anxiously looking forward to catching up with my former classmates. I already had paid our money for reunion dinner tickets and made hotel reservations for Friday and Saturday nights.

    However, our reality set in last Wednesday morning.

    Making at least a nine-hour drive back to Iowa Friday. Seeing my family Saturday afternoon. Going to the reunion dinner and party Saturday night. Waking up and making the same nine-hour drive back to Michigan Sunday. Returning to work Monday morning.

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    Just typing this makes me tired. The reality is, even my non-MS friends were exhausted hearing about it.

    And as much as Jennifer and I hate to admit it, we both have MS, and we realize that there comes a point where we need to respect the disease.

    I decided on Wednesday to not go back to Iowa, but I continued questioning my decision until Friday night, wondering to myself if I was letting MS win or if I was winning because I was the one making the decision to stay home.

    Do we as people with MS put more pressure on ourselves because we don’t want to feel like the disease is the one controlling our lives? So then, how do you define at what point you are respecting MS versus giving into it?

Published On: August 22, 2011