Question of the Week: Do You Celebrate Your MS Anniversary?

  • Diamonds indeed are a girl’s best friend, and I had my eyes fixed on a new best friend for nearly two months.

    It was a pair of diamond earrings. Certainly not the most expensive but sparkly nonetheless. While they were a little painful on my pocketbook I knew I deserved them.

    After all, these earrings were going to celebrate my first year since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And that first year was confusing, depressing, frightening and filled with lots of my tears. After surviving that, I felt that treating myself to these beauties was the least I deserved.

    I had just graduated from college and it was eight days after my 23rd birthday when a neurologist uttered these four words that changed my life forever: “You have multiple sclerosis.”

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    It definitely has changed my life. Sure, some bad, but lots of good has come my way since then.

    This November 14 will mark 14 years since I was diagnosed. The diamonds of my first anniversary still sparkle, but I no longer celebrate my MS anniversary.

    Certainly I always remember it, but I don’t do anything special to commemorate it anymore. Is this a bad or a good sign? Either way, I told Dan we definitely are going to do something to celebrate it this year.

    What about you? Do you celebrate the anniversary of the day you were diagnosed? Why or why not? If so, how do you mark this “special” day in your life?

Published On: November 01, 2011