Question of the Week: What Would Make Your MS Life Better?

  • The ball has dropped on Times Square, college bowl games are in full swing, and the ink likely still is drying on the resolutions you’ve crafted for yourself in 2012.


    This year Jennifer will enter her 15th year living with multiple sclerosis and Dan will enter his 12th with this chronic disease of the central nervous system. Guess time flies when you’re having fun, huh?


    As the calendar turns over, there often is a renewed sense of optimism and excitement for making the coming year better than the last. Healthier diet, more exercise, better attitude and taking a long-wanted vacation are among the top ways people resolve to personally improve their lives each year.

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    But we both are looking for something more this year. We’re ready for something great to happen in the MS world. Of course we’d all love for researchers to discover a cure, but beyond a cure what would make your life with MS better in 2012?


    It could be anything, large or small. An adaptive piece of equipment. A roll-in shower. An assistance program. A new medication. A support group. A sympathetic ear. An accessible building.


    You name it.


    For Jennifer, she would love it if researchers developed technologically advanced equipment to help her walk, and Dan wishes they discover something to alleviate the numbness in his hands.


    So tell us, beyond a cure what would make your life with MS better in 2012?


    Share your ideas and perhaps in the conversation with others here you may discover your “something” already exists. Wouldn’t that make your year?

Published On: January 03, 2012