MS Awareness Month: Question of the Week

  • We were so incredibly honored and excited when the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University invited us to present as part of its annual Speaker Series.


    The library celebrates Michigan authors, and it was offering us the opportunity to discuss our recently released book, “Despite MS, to Spite MS,” with the campus community.


    Our publishing debut is a compilation of blog-inspired essays in which we share personal stories of their journey—alone and together—coping with and rising above MS.


    This is an amazing event for us to share our story, and when given the chance to pick when we’d speak we targeted one specific time: during National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week March 12-18.

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    On Thursday, March 15, we will be on the library auditorium stage telling as many as 150 people information and facts about MS and how it has impacted our lives.


    This is one of the ways we’ll work to increase MS awareness this year. And there are so many other things, both large and small, that we all can do throughout this week and month to help others understand this chronic disease of the central nervous system.


    Other activities in which we’ve participated in the past or are planning to do this year include encouraging local governments to pass resolutions proclaiming March 12-18 as MS Awareness Week, posting MS-related facts on our daily Facebook status updates, and getting involved and volunteering with the National MS Society.


    So how about you? What are your goals for increasing MS awareness this month and why do you think it’s important? How will you continue it throughout the year?

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Published On: March 06, 2012