Does MS Impact Travel Plans? Question of the Week

  • Jennifer and I have been together for nearly a decade, but she has yet to set foot into my parents’ home.


    We’ve gone back to my hometown of Monticello, Iowa, to spend Easter with my family each year, but the three steep steps leading into their home make it impossible for Jennifer to get inside with her power wheelchair.


    And so, we adapt.


    Instead of sleeping at my mom and dad’s house, we stay in local handicapped-accessible hotels and camping lodges. Rather than enjoying meals at the dining room table where I grew up, we eat out at restaurants and book the local VFW hall that has kitchen facilities for my family to make a “home-cooked” Easter dinner.

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    We’ve strategized and planned our bathroom stops around which interstate rest stops have family restrooms that enable me to help Jennifer with her transfers. And when we can’t time the rest stops just right, we’ve found that most fast food restaurant restrooms are ADA compliant and women are very understanding when Jennifer asks if it’s OK that I come in to help her.


    We go into this trip knowing it’s going to take us longer than it would most people and build in a little more time for each break so I can rest my MS-numbed hands and feet to gear up for another stretch of driving.


    These are just a few of many ways we’ve made adjustments to not let MS stand in our way and make our 525-mile trip back to Iowa each year possible.


    How about you? What are some ways that you’ve adapted your travel plans – whether on the road, in the air or on the water ­– to overcome MS? 




Published On: April 03, 2012