What Would Your MS Superpower Be? Question of the Week


    The night before this year’s Walk MS event in Frankenmuth, Mich., we’re planning to stay out late.


    Not at a dance club. Not at a concert. Not a bar.


    We have a date to join our respective siblings to see the movie that so many others, regardless of their age or gender, already have seen.


    We’re going to see the latest showing of The Avengers. You know, the movie that shattered the record books with a $207 million opening last weekend.


    Seeing a movie is something that’s becoming a tradition before the annual fundraising walk. It’s our one opportunity to hang out with Jennifer’s brother, Steve, who comes up from Grand Blanc for the walk, as well as Dan’s sister, Dawn, and her husband, Mike, who drive out from Iowa to join the efforts of our Walk MS team, Team MonsterS.

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    While Steve already saw The Avengers, which brings together Marvel superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk to help save the Earth from Loki and his army, he can’t wait to see it again.


    With the anticipation of the movie and talk of superheroes, we began throwing around ideas of our own: If we were MS superheroes, what would our superpowers be?


    Obviously the ultimate superpower would be to cure MS, but even in the realm of superheroes this isn’t a feasible option. Even after Superman gets the best of Lex Luthor or Batman wipes out The Joker, the world still has to contend with other evildoers.


    In our superhero world, we still have to deal with MS. But to help with this, in addition to the disease-modifying drugs, Dan would bring his superpower to end numbness in other people’s hands. With a simple shake of his hand, full feeling is restored for those who lost it as a result of this chronic illness.


    Jennifer would bring her superpower to instantly cool off people affected by the heat. Similar to a cooling vest, she’d use her breath to create a cooling wind and provide these people instant relief.


    So how about you? What MS superpower would you bring to this fight with the disease? We realize it’s all make believe, but have fun with it! After all, The Avengers is all make believe but it’s pulling in some real money and there’s already talk of a sequel.


Published On: May 08, 2012