Unfairly Fearing the Worst with MS: Question of the Week

  • We’re still scratching our heads over the developing story surrounding Jack Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne and NBC.


    In a nutshell, the network chose not to cast Jack in its upcoming reality show, “Stars Earn Stripes.” The decision came just shortly after Jack disclosed that he has multiple sclerosis, and this move by the network prompted his mother, Sharon, to say she’s leaving NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” at the end of this season.


    In a recent interview with the New York Post, Sharon explained she is quitting in response to the way the network treated Jack and reneged on a verbal agreement to cast him on the show in which eight celebrities take part in simulated military exercises to win money for charity.

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    “It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled,” she said in the interview.

    Her comments in this interview prompted NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt to release a statement in response.


    Included in this statement, Greenblatt says, “We hold medical information in strict confidence and therefore cannot comment specifically about Jack, but as a company that cares deeply about the health and safety of everyone on our shows – especially one like ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ that requires dangerous water stunts, strenuous physical activity, and uses live ammunition – we required all potential participants to undergo medical vetting to ensure that they could safely participate.”


    This is the comment that caught our attention. On so many levels, it potentially is doing more harm than good.


    Do you think NBC discriminated? Furthermore, do you think maybe the network was anticipating the worst because of Jack’s MS? Has that ever happened to you where people limit your opportunities because they assume the worst in your MS?

Published On: August 09, 2012