What Do You Expect From a Neurologist Visit?

  • By definition, multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system. But you never would have guessed that with the way we each went into recent trips to our neurologists.


    We both predicted what our respective specialist would tell us. Perhaps this prognosticating is the result of Jennifer living with the disease for almost 15 years and Dan for nearly 13.


    OK, so we weren’t 100 percent sure. But as seasoned MS veterans, we do our medical research, always hope for the best, and know precisely what we do and do not want to hear.


    Jennifer was hoping to hear that she seemed stronger after 12 weeks of intense physical and occupational therapy and that it wasn’t going to be necessary to pursue more aggressive therapy, like treatment with Cytoxan.

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    And Dan hypothesized, his neurologist would tell him his foot issues were the result of plantar fasciitis caused by his running rather than MS-induced foot drop.


    Turns out, we both were right and breathed collective sighs of relief that each of our neurologists deemed our conditions as “stable,” and told us to keep doing what we’re doing to manage our diseases.


    How would you define a successful trip to your neurologist? Is maintaining status quo considered a success in your book? After you’ve been diagnosed for a while, do your expectations change? Or, are each of us with MS just striving to stay one step ahead of the disease?



Published On: October 02, 2012