It's back: How do you handle MS-related pain?

  • I don’t like to complain much. As far as the side effects resulting from my Multiple Sclerosis, I try to keep them pretty private.


    Well, other than the wheelchair giving away the reality that I can no longer walk, or the occasional blog post or HeathCentral article where we share our experiences living with the disease. But Dan and I try not to complain or admit a debilitating effect of this disease we share.


    However, truth be told, lately when it’s just Dan and me, I find myself complaining quite a bit.


    If it’s not a pressure sore, my not sleeping well or just a sore shoulder, my Trigeminal Neuralgia gets me pretty upset.

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    From the moment I wake up, I’m aware of this pain. When I wash my face, my nerve zings. Put on moisturizer, zing again. And brush my teeth? If I’m not reduced to tears at least twice a week, then it’s probably because I’ve just given up on dental hygiene. Really, if I can avoid the pain, I will.


    At least until my teeth rot out of my head or my husband quits kissing me… well okay not really, and thus I’m crying in front of the mirror pretty regularly.

    Toothbrush in my mouth. Ugly, sobbing face in the mirror; it seems I cannot find relief.


    Sure ibuprofen works some days, and my neurologist has prescribed a few different pain medications. But I don’t want to be drugged up all the time!


    Or am I being silly?


    That’s just what those drugs are meant to do, right? Relieve the pain, makes sense. But my TN attacks are coming on more regularly, and again, I don’t want to be drugged up all the time! So I need to find relief.


    How do you handle pain? I mean, considering you have pain. Do you? Should I take what my doctor prescribes? Or is there a holistic treatment you would recommend?


    Yes MS is a pain, but when it causes pain, what do you do?

Published On: February 07, 2013