Question of the Week: How do you handle fatigue?

  • Dan and I were in Iowa this past weekend. From our house in Michigan to the hotel we stayed at in Iowa City (we were guest speakers at the NMSS Upper Midwest Chapter event there), it was roughly 500 miles.


    Dan is from Iowa, so in addition to our speaking, it was a wonderful trip full of family, great friends and lots of baby kisses from our nieces. Love all of these things and they make the eight-hour car trip worth it. Really, for both of us they do!


    Thanks to Mother Nature, we had to make sure the trip was quick. As we like to say, we threaded the needle. Snowed in Michigan before we left, calm for our trip, started snowing in Iowa as soon as we got home. Perfectly timed trip. Exhaustingly quick visit, but that has never deterred our travels so why should it start now?

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    Sure, we still are physically paying for making the trip since we’ve returned, but our MS never holds us back. At least I don’t think it does …


    Or am I kidding myself? Should we accept the reality that neither of us are as young as we used to be, or as healthy either? After all, excessive fatigue is one of the major symptoms for most people living with MS.


    Do you struggle with making choices like this one? Or does the end product, baby kisses for instance, make the fatigue worth it? And if so, how do you deal with or treat your fatigue?




Published On: March 12, 2013