Question of the Week – 4/15/10 - How'd you sleep last night?

  • Our morning “routine” started at 5:30 today. It has become quite standard for Dan and me, and tends to go a lot like this:


    The alarm-radio goes off, usually to some popular tune we both enjoy, and eventually Dan snoozes the music.


    “Ten more minutes and then we will get up,” he assures himself and me.

    Ten short minutes later, the music starts again. Dan will say, “Just once more.” To which I’ll sleepily mumble, “Okay, we’ll hurry.”


    And when the alarm has the nerve to go off one more time, Dan again will silence it. Only this time he adds, “I’ll go start some coffee.”

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    After starting a pot of the essential morning pick-me up, he’ll help get me out of bed. By now it is about 6 o’clock and my normal declaration is, “We’ll go to bed earlier tonight.”


    If, by chance, we do get to bed early that next night, we often complain about getting “too much sleep” and about how we feel “groggy” that next day.


    It seems like we are never satisfied. And in reality, we probably would be if we could just get that ever elusive good night’s sleep.


    Truth is Dan and I each wake up at least twice during a typical night. Either he uses the bathroom, or I need to. And despite reading and following tips for getting optimal zzz’s, like reducing evening fluid intake and using the bathroom before going to bed, we still find ourselves waking up.


    Oftentimes I wake around 3 a.m. saying, “My heel is en fuego!” Which means that, because I no longer can move my left leg, I would like him to reposition me in bed so that my heel, which feels like is on fire, does not develop a pressure sore from being in the same place too long.


    Does any of this sound familiar to you? I don’t want to blame our Multiple Sclerosis for causing our less-than-perfect sleep, but really isn’t this MS’s fault?


    Is it just me, or do you worry about attributing every little thing to this disease?


    Either way, do you ever feel rested when you wake in the morning? If so, what is your secret? And if not, how do you handle your fatigue?


Published On: April 15, 2013