Shot Time

Gina Gunkel Health Guide
  • Okay Okay Okay! I'm a big baby, I know. I HATE shot time! It is absolutely ridiculous and irrational, because the medicine is working, and it's working well. I've been on a weekly injection since the birth of my second child. Honestly, I went on it kicking and screaming. To me, it was a breech of my constant state of denial. I like denial. So injecting the shot and seeing the syringes in my refrigerator was just too much reality for me. I guess that with the fear of my symptoms worsening, I would have done just about anything.


    Ironically, the problem comes when your feeling fine and you still have to inject. Silly isn't it. The meds are working and you want to stop. Over the years I became quite inventive in psyching myself up for the shot. My favorite is to inject during a television commercial break, because I know that in a few seconds when the show resumes, it will all be done.

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    So, ten lucky years later, I'm still cranky on shot day. My family knows not to push too hard because I anger easily. Funny how all this resentment that I'm sick enough to need an injectable medication, has the equal amount of thankfulness that the medicine is available. In 1991, when the neurologist told me about my diagnosis, there wasn't anything that he could prescribe other than the words, "Go on and live your life." What! Are you kidding! Where is my magic pill? So when the headlines broke of new MS medications, I was feeling healthy and thought that I didn't need it. But when you get an exacerbation, you start grabbing at anything that will reverse it and keep it at bay. I was sooooo happy to have the medication available.



    Today, the newly diagnosed are exposed to a buffet of choices. It is just so different. I am truly grateful for all of the advancements. That I could keep up with the activities of my children today and hopefully tomorrow is what it's all about. Going on, and living my life. Big Smile


Published On: October 15, 2007