Multiple Sclerosis' Relationship to Other Health Problems

Gina Gunkel Health Guide
  • I don't know about you, but for me, I seem to blame any symptom on my MS. It's just so difficult to know sometimes if you're exhausted or fatigued. 


    One of my biggest MS challenges has been bladder difficulties. Over the years, two neurologists and one urologist heard the words multiple sclerosis and bladder and quickly formed a diagnosis. This week, I went to a highly recommended new urologist. She did a thorough exam and said that my issues had NOTHING to do with my MS. I couldn't believe it! I felt silly that I was so sure to blame the MS and not to dig deeper to find out the true cause. It's just so easy to jump to the MS conclusion, and there have been many other cases where either myself or my doctors have made the same mistake. 

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    During the pregnancy of my first child, I developed very bad varicose veins in both legs. I started to wear super thick support hose. With my second pregnancy the superficial blood clots started. My doctor urged me to have the veins removed. When my third, and final child was born, and more blood clots came, both my neurologist and gynecologist wrote letters to my vascular surgeon giving their support for the removal of the superficial veins. I was shocked to learn that the vascular surgeon didn't want to do the surgery because he didn't want to have any MS complications. What? He was blaming MS for keeping me in "Grandma" stockings for the rest of my life! This had nothing to do with MS, but he was afraid. Ugh! I switched vascular surgeons to one that also had a good understanding of MS and went on with the surgery. It was a success.


    When ever something new pops up and I tell my mother, she tries to comfort me by saying that she's had the same symptom. Then I wonder, is it MS or just the aging process? Is it MS or just normal wear and tear? Do I need a gym membership or a physical therapist? 


    To be or not to be...that is the MS question.

Published On: October 22, 2007