Take Advantage of Your Mobility While Traveling with Multiple Sclerosis

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    I just returned from a “big” vacation. The location of the trip was a surprise, arranged by my husband for my birthday. It was a milestone birthday, so for the past year my husband has been teasing me about obscure locations for our destination, such as an Ice Hotel or going on board an oilrig. Well, truth be told, we went on a ten day romantic trip to Spain. He truly out did himself. The plan included having us travel from Madrid, to the south of Spain, stopping in several tiny towns. We stayed at Paradores, which were historical buildings that have been converted into hotels, run by the government. Most of the Paradores are castles. Authentic castles created during the 13th and 14th centuries. Well, I am very happy to report (and show you) that these places have been modified and are accessible to the disabled.

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    Part of my reasoning for going on this trip is the mystery of what the future holds. A “do it, while I still can” kind of thing. I certainly don’t know how my MS will progress, but it was so comforting to see that I will have a choice. Most of these historic and very old places have been modified to accommodate the disabled. At least it’s not a “now or never” situation.


    By the way… all that I was told was to pack for a certain day and evening temperature. The rest was truly a pleasant surprise.

Published On: January 14, 2008