Do you Ever Forget about Multiple Sclerosis?

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  • Do you ever forget you have multiple sclerosis?


    For example, I'm involved in a fundraising theatre show for my child's school. Yesterday, we were in a meeting about a funny skit that I'm "dancing" in. The choreographer was talking about the height and width of the catwalk and mentioned that you have to be very careful not to fall off. And then it hit me right upside the head! I thought, "Oh my! What did I sign up for?" My mind turned to my multiple sclerosis. What if I'm having balance problems? What if I fall off the stage in front of 450 parents and I'm "out-ed" as a person with multiple sclerosis? I started to back peddle and think of a way to get out of the stage show. Just when I was about to pull myself out, I remembered an incident that happened a few years ago...

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    I had a long overdue appointment with a new dentist. The secretary gave me a bunch of medical forms to fill out. When I arrived in the dreaded dentists' chair, the dentist came in and we chatted. He asked me the usual introductory questions...Why are you here? Do you have any specific problems? Are you healthy? Blah blah blah... I answered, "I'm here for a standard cleaning, no problems, healthy as a horse..." Then, he looked at my chart paused and said, "You wrote down that you have MS?!? But you said that you are healthy?" I was so dumbstruck. I reiterated to him that yes, I am healthy. Yes, I also have this illness, but I consider myself a healthy person. I don't smoke, I exercise, and I watch my food choices.


    The point here is that, I can't think about a possible multiple sclerosis attack every moment of every day. Yesterday at the rehearsal, I had to calm myself down and remember that I am healthy. I have to live my life and, if needed, roll with the punches. You can't plan your life, months ahead of time, around the possibility of getting knocked out.

Published On: February 04, 2008