Visiting the Neurologist: The Importance of Check Ups

Gina Gunkel Health Guide
  • Once again, I was reminded of the importance of MS maintenance. The value of not postponing doctor visits because "I feel fine".


    Recently, I noticed a lingering burning smell in my basement by my water heater. My husband suggested that we get our home's chimney swept.


    What I thought would be a twenty-minute, under a hundred-buck visit, turned into something much more...


    When the chimney guys removed the water heater and gas venting tube, an avalanche of debris spilled out. There was 100 % blockage!!! The whole inside liner had collapsed. Gee, that was a surprise!


    This utterly unexpected revelation struck a chord with me. Too often I feel like I want to postpone a doctors appointment until "something's up" or have my check up MRI's or blood work done when I have "extra" time.

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    You can't always see what's going on concerning MS, and I surely had no idea the peril that my family was in. Thank goodness that I caught it in time.


    My mothers take on healthcare is, "I don't want to know". She makes my sisters and me get all test results, and slowly tell her what the doctors said. She is not even sick! It is just in her comfort zone to NOT know. My feeling is that I'd rather know, research, and have a plan of attack! For me, when I feel that there is nothing left to try, then I am satisfied that at least I did what I can.

Published On: March 25, 2008