Working Around MS Fatigue to Maintain a Productive Lifestyle

Gina Gunkel Health Guide

    Oh, Boy!  I’m so tired.  These are the dog days of summer.  I know that because I seem to be on the same nap schedule as my puppy. All I want to do is rest and occasionally lift my hand with my TV remote control. I woke up this morning to see if any cable TV marathons were running.  Bad sign. 


    The fatigue that I feel reminds me of a specific amusement park ride.  The one that pins you against the wall while it spins and the floor drops out from under your feet.  If you have ever been on this gravity ride, you know how hard it is to pull your arms and legs away from the wall.  That is how I feel at my worst fatigue.

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    I decided that TV watching is not the best use of my time, so as punishment or incentive; I emptied out my hall closet that has turned into a dumping ground for all things.  This is the one way that I can dig myself out of this funk. I assign myself one specific task a day.   I feel less guilty and less stressed if I accomplish at least something, and not dwell on a very long list.

    Today is the hall closet; tomorrow is going to the store to do some returns. These small steps, being able to cross something off my list, are actually big leaps.  I say that because when I do nothing, all else seems to take a tumble downward. 

    I should get off the sofa, I would like to feel like I’m productive, I could do one task a day. Like I said: shoulda, woulda, coulda!


Published On: July 13, 2008