Pushing Yourself Too Hard Could Lead to a Flare of MS Symptoms

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  • Well, it’s 4:11AM and I can’t sleep.  And I’m freezing. Arctic cold, actually. It is my own fault.  Last week I went away on an eight day vacation to a lake house in Maine.  It was lovely.  I guess that I wanted to “get away” from everything and purposely didn’t pack my medicine.  I just wanted to leave reality back home.

    I had such a wonderful time.  I canoed (a first!), read my summer beach book, and made numerous puzzles.  Oh, and let’s not forget, ate and drank way too much!  I was with my family and friends, and was much more concerned with trying to see a moose than my healthcare.

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    So, here I am, now paying the price.  I had my weekly shot last night before bed, followed by a couple of Advil.  Four hours later, I woke up SO ACHY and cold, through and through.  Then I had a conversation with myself… “I should take more Advil, I will feel better”, “It’s too cold to get out of bed”, “If I take the Advil, I won’t feel this way”… this went on and on until I dragged myself out of my bedroom.  I grabbed a sweatshirt and socks on my way to the medicine cabinet.  I couldn’t handle drinking cold water, so I made a cup of hot tea to take the medicine.  When I follow my own advice on taking meds on a regular schedule, I don’t have a reaction at all.  Sometimes though, you just need to have fun and spot a moose in the woods!

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Published On: September 02, 2008