Developing Life Passions with Multiple Sclerosis

  • Earlier this summer, in June, I joined over 300 people who traveled together with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation on a week-long cruise to Alaska.  I had never been to Alaska, nor to Washington State.  Ironically, if it weren’t for having MS I would not have done either before now.


    I was thinking how some people have a “bucket list” of things they’d like to do someday.  (Bucket List: things you wish to do before you "kick the bucket.")  Traveling to Alaska was really not even in my mind to be on such a list, even if I had created one.  It’s just not something I had considered.

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    Although I did not have significant mobility issues, I did notice that the cruiseline was well-equipped to handle the many scooter users who were traveling together.  I’m not sure what the cabins looked like for those passengers who could not stand at all for a shower or who weren’t able to step over the threshold into the bathroom (as ours had a tall lip to clear).  I presume that a limited number of cabins/bathrooms were truly accessible.


    There is a friend of the family who has been a paraplegic since an automobile accident in her early 20s.  Her children are now in their late 30s and have children of their own.  One thing which she and her husband love to do is go on cruises.  If I ever wanted to know the best places to go for accessibility, I would ask Mary.  They are the world travelers.


    All of this recent travel and discussion of what is possible has me thinking about the idea of a “bucket list.”  Basically those things you’d like to do before you are not able to someday for whatever reason.  Too often I think that we are probably too busy living our lives to stop and think about what we’ve been putting off “for another day.”


    Something I’ve said I’d like to do someday is return to Prague.  I had a wonderful time when I was there before and would love to have more time to explore even a bit more.  However, this time I might splurge and actually stay in a hotel instead of a hostel.  I’m afraid I am getting a little old for that now.  ;-)


    Although I’ve been talking about traveling a lot lately - basically because I have been traveling a lot lately - I’d like to ask you to think about what might make it onto your bucket list.  It could be anything.  Perhaps something you’ve been putting off for another day.


    What would you like to do someday, sooner rather than later?  What’s on your bucket list?



    Prague in August 2002, just days before the 100-year flood.


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Published On: August 03, 2010