Optic Neuritis and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  • Did everybody have a great Labor Day weekend?  Hope so.  Mine was full of laboring, but for a very good reason.


    I have lived in my current house for almost 10 years.  10 years with a fabulous home music studio.  However, it has also been 10 years looking at a color on the walls which I don’t like in that same studio.  A full decade to become disgusted and annoyed with the dull, pale pink covering my architecturally-interesting, sloped-roof, sky-light featuring music studio.


    After a few years of thinking about what I would prefer to look at, I finally moved the task of painting the music studio to high on my priority list.  In fact, it rose to the top of the list this weekend while time on the computer and home-cooked meals took a backseat.

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    In deciding what color (or colors) to paint the walls, I experienced a wide variety of emotions and gut reactions.  I hated the current color, but why?  I wanted something vibrant and bold, but yet sophisticated.  I needed something cheerful and energetic.  I wanted to feel warm and comforted every time I entered my studio to teach lessons.


    I suspect that one reason I dislike the current pale pink is because it can sometimes looks like a dirty white to me.  I have experienced optic neuritis multiple times with my MS, with each time involving a temporary loss of color vision....specifically the loss of reds which makes pinks “disappear.”


    It was hard choosing new colors.  So many possibilities seemed to be hard on my eyes for reasons I couldn’t explain.  I started wondering if other people experience the same difficulties.


    So my questions today are: Do certain colors seem to strain your eyes more than others?  Any colors which are bold yet soothing to you?  Have your taste in colors changed since MS entered your life?  If so, why do you think that is?


    I look forward to your responses.  By the way, the two colors I chose to highlight and complement the interesting architectural details of the two rooms of the studio are asparagus (green) and eastern amber (orangey brown).  The colors are bold, yet medium-toned.  Dark but light reflecting.  And, they look pretty darn good in the space.


    Today (on my birthday), I will continue laboring a bit more to get the final touches in place.  There's still tons to do.  Then it’s time to clean up, move the furniture in place, put the pictures back up, refill the bookcases and cabinets... and enjoy.


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Published On: September 07, 2010