Difficulties of the Holidays with Multiple Sclerosis

  • Hey, did everybody survive Halloween?  Have lots of trick-or-treaters?  Or lots of candy left over?


    I personally have too much candy left over, judging by the dozen or so "fun size" pieces of candy I've had since last night.  Ugh, on the tummy.


    So today is November 1.  We have several days to countdown....

    • 24 days until you better have that turkey thawed for cooking on Thanksgiving
    • 30 days until the first night of lighting the Menorah for Chanukah
    • 54 days until it's time to throw wads of wrapping paper to your loved ones after opening gifts on Christmas Day
    • 60 days until we all stay up to ring in the New Year
    • 105 days until our sweet nothings on Valentine's Day

    OK, I'm getting a little carried away.  But time is racing by so very quickly.

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    So much to do.  So much to plan.  So much help to ask for. So much, so much...


    The questions this week are:

    • What are the five most important ways you prepare for each holiday at this time of year? 
    • How do you manage to stay calm, not wait until the last minute, and be able to accomplish it all without demolishing the fragile energies of a person living with MS?
    • What shortcuts have you found effective? (*)
    • How do you handle the stress which we so often impose upon ourselves to be "perfect" at this time of year?

    I really look forward to your responses.  Perhaps this can become our Top Tips post in preparation for the holidays.



    *Hey, I'll admit it.  I've ordered a Thanksgiving meal, pre-cooked, from the local grocery store.  Then I supplemented with a side dish or two which made the dinner feel more like our family gatherings I experienced growing up.  It wasn't all home-made, but I had more energy, the kitchen was cleaner, and the day is not all about food anyways.....we gotta work in some football or movies, too.


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Published On: November 01, 2010