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  • You've found a great site for multiple sclerosis information and community.  We have much to offer to people who having been living with MS for years, to people who have just been diagnosed with MS, as well as those who are in limbo and have not yet been diagnosed.   Our community members are extraordinary, providing the type of encouragement and support which is sometimes hard to find on the internet.


    We have an extensive archive of Shareposts, contributed by experts and community members, spanning a full range of subjects related to multiple sclerosis.  Our community members help each other frequently by asking and answering questions in our Q&A section.

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    If you are looking for what others have already said related to a specific topic, you can use the search bar found at the top of each page.  Just enter a couple words or a phrase related to the desired subject and you will find links to the many Shareposts, Questions, and reference material we have stored on site.  An example - type in “how to manage fatigue” to find related Shareposts and Questions.


    You may have noticed a link to signing up for our newsletters in the green bar at the top of the page. When you click that and fill out the form, you'll get a weekly newsletter with links to news stories related to MS, chronic pain, medication, etc., as well as a monthly Share and Support newsletter with links to Expert posts and community content.


    The MultipleSclerosisCentral Team

    We have an excellent team of writers on the site, all of whom live with MS.  If you want to get an e-mail notification of new posts by us or any other community member, click on the person's name and on the right-hand side of their profile, click on notify me when there are new posts.  If you want to unsubscribe, you click in the same place.


    Each of our writers bring years of experience living with the disease to their Shareposts and Answers.  We rotate writing posts here on MS HealthCentral, answering your questions, talking to you if you’re feeling insecure and down, congratulating you on successes and much, much more.


    If you have any questions, concerns, or topic requests, you can send any one of us a message.  However, if you think that others might have the same question or concern, please consider posting it in the Q&A section or in a Sharepost so that the answers will be added to our public archive and serve to help more people in our community.


    You may already know me, Lisa Emrich.  I am a musician, blogger, and patient advocate who lives with both MS and RA.  My posts appear weekly and cover a wide range of topics - from the latest medications or research, to symptom management, to personal experiences living with multiple chronic, autoimmune diseases.  In addition to writing for MultipleSclerosisCentral, I also contribute to our RA and Obesity sites and strongly believe in the power of community.


    Vicki Bridges is a writer living with Progressive MS and severe Osteoporosis.  Her experiences have led her to become an advocate for MS and disability issues.  Her posts are often educational and are always filled with a positive attitude and hope.  Vicki says, “MS has made me a person with a disability, but I am also a person with abilities. One of those abilities is writing and communicating my positive attitude. As long as I control my attitude, I control my life, and it is good.”


    Amy Gurowitz is the founder of a non-profit, SoftServe Matters, which is designing a new MS website that “provides low-anxiety learning for individuals who need to understand their lifelong illness as it grows and changes. This unique approach gives the users control over the process, and thus empowers them for a life of learning.”  Amy’s posts combine humor with humanness when it comes to discussing how MS can impact one’s life when living with MS.


    Steve Moritz is our resident triathlete who has successfully used an experimental drug to halt his progressing MS symptoms such that he has been able to train for and participate in triathlons and marathons.  Steve says, “I am excited to share my story so as to educate and inspire others with MS to get active, focus on fitness and reclaim the thrill of athletic achievement and competition.”

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    All Are Welcome Here
    No one is more knowledgeable about your body or your disease than yourself.  We are each experts in our own experience.  But finding people who understand the challenges and know how you feel is very important to living well with MS.  Fortunately we have a vibrant and highly supportive community of users on the site who do understand.


    Our community is uniquely open-minded and welcoming to folks of various backgrounds and medical beliefs, including traditional and non-traditional approaches to treating MS.  We support those who have lived with MS for many years and experience significant disability, as well as those who do not yet have a diagnosis.


    One of the best ways to get involved in the community is to read the SharePosts that other users have posted or to jump right in and write one yourself!  Introduce yourself, vent your frustrations, share your successes, talk about living with MS, or any other topic which crosses your mind.  Don't be shy - we really are a friendly bunch.  Access SharePosts by clicking on the blue Connect tab at the top of the page or click on the Create a SharePost button on your profile.


    If you want to learn more about the MS Central Experts or any community member, click on their name to read their profile.  To help the community get to know YOU better, I encourage you to fill out your own profile.  Tell us where you live, what kind of health issues you're interested in or diagnosed with, what type of medications you take, and a couple of paragraphs about who you are.


    Ask Questions, Give Answers

    If you have a question, you can visit our Q&A section where Experts and community members answer questions based on their own experience and knowledge.  None of us are medical experts, so please understand that we do not give medical advice.  Browse the questions already there or leave one (or more) of your own.  Access the Q&A section by clicking on the blue Connect tab at the top of the page or click the Ask a Question button in your profile.


    Technical Problems

    The HealthCentral Network works hard to give you a great experience on each of our sites, but every now and again, there are bugs.  If you experience problems anywhere on the sites, you can report them on our general Contact Us page by clicking on Technical Feedback.  If the problem continues or is a really big one, you can send me a message and I'll pass along your report to our technical team.


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    Thank you for choosing MultipleSclerosisCentral.  We look forward to meeting you!


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Published On: November 15, 2010