MS Central Question of the Week: Quality of Care and Self-Advocacy

  • Earlier this month, I had my 3rd round of Rituxan infusions.  Although the experience didn't go quite as smoothly as I had hoped, I was thrilled with one development.  I have found a location for receiving future infusions where I will definitely return next time around.


    I found nurses and medical professionals who put my needs first.  The patient's unique needs were considered and acted upon.  I'm so glad that I tried a new place to get my infusions and feel good that there are nurses who set aside ego or attitude to give the best care possible.


    I posted about my experience in "What Does It Take to Feel "Cared For" by Medical Professionals?" on MyRACentral.  Please go read and come back here to discuss this week's question which is more of a conversation starter.

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    Please share a story of when you needed to advocate for better medical care for yourself or a loved one?  How did you make your requests and what was the outcome?  Were the medical professionals receptive to addressing your needs?  How would you encourage someone else to become an effective self-advocate?




Published On: March 30, 2011