Easy Living with Chronic Disease: "Back to School" Anytime of Year

  • With August quickly approaching, back-to-school activities are ramping up.  In the Midwest portion of the States, schools will begin in only a couple of weeks.  Here on the East Coast, most public schools will begin after Labor Day.  In the Emrich music studio, I am preparing for the coming year by looking to restock the supply closet.  

    In running a music studio at home, one which is equipped with a private bathroom, it is important to keep well stocked on basic supplies such as toilet paper, hand soap, facial tissue, and towels.  As I have taught each piano student to wash their hands before every piano lesson, helping to not only keep the piano keys clean, but to cut down on germs and illnesses, the studio can go through a large volume of paper towels.

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    Rather than making several trips to the store throughout the year, using gas, time, and energy, I discussed the ease and benefit of ordering bulk supplies online a long time ago.  It is really very simple.  The same large office supply stores or discount stores which offer annual back-to-school sales frequently offer free shipping for online orders over a certain cost.  

    I began ordering cases of toilet paper and paper towels for the industrial paper towel dispenser years ago.  I am fortunate to have the storage space available to keep the extra supplies until needed.  So ordering bulk is definitely the way to go.  We never run out of toilet paper in the studio and it’s tax deductible for business purposes.  The boxes are even delivered right to your doorstep in only a few short days.

    Last winter I discovered a new use for the online service.  There was a week during which it was difficult to find time to make a trip to the grocery store for typical household supplies.  We found ourselves dipping into the studio supply of paper during a time of need.  That happened once, then again.  It wasn’t too long until we decided to order a case of toilet paper for our personal household use.

    While looking for other items we might need or want, I noticed typical household cleaners were also available.  These type of items can become very heavy when you are shopping for groceries.  This got me thinking more broadly about how to stock the entire house with items which are heavy or bulky.  

    So I started looking at other stores online and noticed that prices differed somewhat as did the free shipping offers.  It wasn’t long before I got hooked on home delivery for all sorts of items, especially conveniently packaged to-go items which could easily fit into a purse or backpack.  

    Just like online shopping during the holidays, which I highly recommend, shopping online for household items saves time and energy.  It’s even possible to order nonperishable food items for easy delivery.  While I’ve not used similar grocery store services, such as Peapod, I can see the benefit for persons who have physical limitations or who would prefer to spend their time and energy elsewhere.

    So as back-to-school activities are moving into full gear, I am reminded to check the supply closets and decide what is needed.  Of course, ordering things such as toilet paper or paper towels in bulk can be done at any time of year, it is just fun to join the back-to-school frenzy.  

  • Well, actually it’s not such a frenzy when done on the computer while kicking back on the couch in a nicely air conditioned home with three little furry friends (i.e. our cats).  It’s just a smart way to use resources and save physical stress on your body, especially when you live with physical challenges and chronic disease.

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    Do you have any back-to-school traditions which have continued well past the years you or your children have been in school?


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.


Published On: July 28, 2013