When You Have a Question About Multiple Sclerosis, Do Not Be Afraid to Ask

  • MultipleSclerosisCentral.com keeps getting better and better.  Now everybody say “hi” to Sofia (the behind-the-scenes producer) who has been enriching the site by adding pages with collections of posts surrounding a single topic.  The Health Care and Insurance page is an example.

    Today, however, I'd like to discuss a feature which isn’t new but definitely worth mentioning.  That feature is the “Ask a Question” & “Answer a Question” section.  Let’s take a tour of the Ask & Answer section on MS Central.

    See that purple box on the right-hand sidebar?
    Over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Within the purple box you will see: 1) a place to type a question, 2) a random question which has previously been asked, and 3) a link to “View all questions”.  To answer the random question presented within the purple box, simply click the “Answer” button. 

    When you click on the “View all questions” button, you will be directed to a new page and will see the three most recent questions submitted to the community for answers.  If you wish to see ALL the questions posed, then click on the link (below the three questions) which says See all questions.”

    When you click on the question title itself, you will be able to read the full question which often includes additional information provided with the question.  This additional information is EXCELLENT and NECESSARY in my book.  If you click on the “Answer This” button, then you will be able to see the full question and a box in which to type a response will open as well.


    Keep in mind, however, that the neurologists on this site do not respond to individual questions.  There is no practicing of medicine allowed on The Health Central Network and that includes the Patient Experts.  We are patients just like you who have a passion for sharing information, including stories about living with MS, up-to-date research and news, tips for handling MS-related problems, basic multiple sclerosis information, encouraging MS advocacy and activism, and occasionally some old-fashioned ranting.

    When asking a question, try to include not just the question itself, but WHY you are asking that particular question.  It helps to know if you are someone living (diagnosed) with MS or in search of a diagnosis.  It helps to know what your primary concern is and how that fits into your decision-making process. 

    Occasionally, folks simply want to hear from others who have experienced the same or similar issues.  In this case, I will share what MY experience has been, absent concrete data.  Sharing of information which leads to supporting each other - what an excellent gift we can give each other throughout the year.

    So, please, jump right on in.  Ask, Answer, Share, Support.


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Published On: December 16, 2008