Online Multiple Sclerosis Communities Are Strong and Active

  • Welcome to the Week in Review and a what an active week it has been here at MS Central.  So what's been going on around here?  Let's find out.



    From the Community:


    *Shelly says, "Life is a highway, and here I sit on top of a median, contemplating my "maybes." Lots to cry about, but yet lots to be thankful for. I am doing my best to just sit here with the cars whizzing past at 70 mph and count my blessings. I am safer up here, because I don't move at those speeds anymore...I try sometimes and end up on my back."  Shelly, I would certainly stop and talk with you on that median.  Many of us would.

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    *Hollyk takes Limbo Land One Day at a Time. "I have to say that of all of the things that scare me the most-losing my vision is up there in the top 5.  My vision has been steadily decentigrating and fluctuating so much that they can't give me a good prescription to help.  Things go blurry to extremely blurry to normal and back to blurry again."  As someone who has dealt with impaired eyesight since the age of 4, I only wish for the day I might see clearly again.


    *theresag79 discusses Cognitive Dysfunction.  "Merely Me's post on flutters was exactly how I have been feeling over the past week.  I was having an awful time comprehending and processing information.  I couldn't think straight.  My reaction time was slow.  I felt stupid.  I felt bad.  My mind was in decline.  I felt scared.  I couldn't imagine being this way all the time....or worse....what if it get's worse?  That is the scariest thought.  I'm so angry about it because there's nothing I can do to correct it."  


    *metal mike gives a Prednisone Update.  He discusses taking oral prednisone rather than driving across town to get IV Solumedrol for a relapse.  Always call your doctor first.


    *momdukes/Sherry gives a message To My MS Family.  "As you all know my mom has Alze. or so we thought, the doc told my sister and I it was Deminetia....  She went to the hospital on Thursday and is still there.  My father has finally come to terms with it, you know the one closest is always in denial.  She is getting help, but for me it is so hard seeing a woman who all her life who was so smart and strong taken down to so child like."  Our thoughts are with you Sherry.


    *cwoolly shares, "I have found out that working the evening shift when the sun goes down creates a cooler atmosphere at home and brings me out of those weak episodes.  I didn't realize how my body was working until it didn't really allow me to wake up until 3 today, but I couldn't function to about 6 around the house.  I still got overheated with air conditioning issues and the type of housework I chose and came to realize it was a bad day.  Nonetheless, after that episode, I enjoyed the cool that the night brang and my eyes really opened and I came to life."  Very good advise for others to consider, thank you.


    *amydionne asks What do u think.  "Today I was told to go to the ER and again I had a MRI with contrast that showed the same tiny lesion of 5mm. I was again referred back to neurology. Am I going crazy, could this be MS like it was discussed with me a few years ago? The doctor today said he has no reasons as to why i am experiencing these symptoms...."


    *beba violet says im so confuses.  Beba violet asks "can any one that has gone thru this explain to anything that i might be missing our or has had my experiences plz feel free to share it with me im very confuses b/c now i dont event know what i have."


    *momdukes/Sherry shares her wisdom in The Thief.  "There was no thief, I was the thief, stealing my own joy, and boy was I an idiot!  Have you been the idiot, have you been the thief in your own life, stealing your joy, dwelling in your own self pity like I have.  Life is too short, enjoy every moment as if it were our last, laugh with those whom we love, even if it does not make sense to us, it still is funny.  Give someone a kiss just because and watch the look on their face, hug someone and whisper in their ear, you know I really do love you, and watch them smile!"  Sherry, you make me smile.  Kiss

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    From the Leaders:


    *Lisa continues her series with Sexual Dysfunction in Women Living with Multiple Sclerosis.  This week the discussion focuses on decreased vaginal lubrication, sensory changes, problems with orgasm, and decreased libido.  I don't know about you, but I've experienced all of the above.  Ladies, you are not alone. 


    *Merely Me says, "But I'm not Quite Dead Yet," while discussing Mortality and MS.  She explores answers to the questions - "What is our life expectancy when we have MS?  And what are these complications of MS which people don't talk a whole lot about?"  Learning the facts takes away the fear.


    *Vicki discusses MS Progressive Types: Treatments.  Vicki explains the disease-modifying treatments for MS and how they are used for the different types of MS.  She reminds us that - "Regardless of the type of MS, treatment must still include symptom management. Before there were disease-modifying drugs, MS was treated one symptom at a time. Now there are treatments for the entire disease, but we cannot forget the symptoms."  Absolutely!!


    *Merely Me asks the MS Central Question of the Week.  "How have you had to adapt or change your lifestyle due to your Multiple Sclerosis?  Have you made any changes to your work, your exercise, your diet, the places you go, the activities you do, or the way that you do chores?"  My short answer: absolutely.  What about you?



    From the News:


    Woman with MS conquers Mt. Everest.  Amazing story of Lori Schneider.

    Synthetic Vitamin A may stop early MS. 

    Scientists make stem cells from skin cells.

    Diabetes drug may help treat MS.



    Questions and Conversations:


    *AAA7353 wonders if an experience she had was an MS attack.

    *chejyenne is concerned about vision and MS.

    *momofmyra wants to know "who can I talk to in Trenton, NJ?"

    *Mattie wants to know what L'hermitte's sign feels like.

    *jay is concerned with body and facial tics.

    *susie asks "Can panic attacks cause numbness for days?"

    *susie is concerned with clear brain MRIs and having MS.

    *Heidi is looking to talk with someone who does intermittent self-cath.

  • *Neko has a question about teaching someone with MS to swim.

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    *Linda shares her Visual Evoked Potentials Test results.

    *curiousT asks about risks and benefits of taking Prozac for exhaustion.

    *Rambler78 asks about alternatives for Provigil for MS fatigue.

    *AC asks "Do you feel you have to validate your MS to friends and family?"

    *LH is concerned with constant burning in the tongue and occasional numbness.

    *shirley asks "What are the stages of MS and the symptoms?"

    *Roberta had her first Tysabri infusion and is looking to talk with other Tysabri users.

    *KJ asks "How did they diagnosis MS before MRIs?"

    *elham wants to know where to go for stem cell therapy.



    So those are the happenings here at MSCentral.  Have a great weekend!!


    [Please let me know if you find this post useful.  Thanks, Lisa]


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Published On: June 05, 2009