Research on Multiple Sclerosis


    Today I am thankful for those who conduct research and who want to know what those of us who live with multiple sclerosis really think about a subject such as genetic research and genetic testing.


    Earlier this week, I was contacted by Virginia Hughes who is a freelance science writer with a special interest in genomics and disease, specifically autism and schizophrenia.

    She is participating on an ethics panel at the 2009 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) conference on Personal Genomes next week.


    Virginia says that "they've ask me to comment on what I think is the current and future appetite for genetic testing among people who belong to various disorder advocacy organizations, such an MS organizations." She is looking for solid numbers to include in her presentation, so created a survey about our thoughts on Multiple Sclerosis, Genomics, and Genetic Research.


    The survey is simple - only eight short questions. Virginia would appreciate receiving at least one hundred responses so that the results might show some meaningful trends. Perhaps we could spread the word and get even more than that.


    Please complete the survey and be sure to mention the MS blogs and groups where you often read MS-related information.


    Thank you,

    Lisa Emrich


    Feel free to copy/paste this post in its entirety and post it on your blog and at your favorite MS forums, message boards, and social networks.


    For more information on MS and ongoing genetic research, visit The Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Group based at the University of California in San Francisco.


    The UCSF Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Group is dedicated to understand the genetic basis of Multiple Sclerosis in partnership with clinicians, basic scientists, and patients around the world. Understanding the role of genes in MS could revolutionize the way this disease is diagnosed and treated.


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    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Published On: September 11, 2009