July 2010 in Review

CRegal Editor
  • And the summer is half-way gone. How did this even happen? I feel like July went faster than any other month. Oh well. Let's dive in for the month that was, shall we?

    Lisa led us this month with a fantastic series of posts about the Faces of MS. For a change of pace, this series was about those around an MS patient, and how they react to the disease. Lisa interviewed her mother, and then had a two-part interview with her boyfriend (part 1 and part 2). Lisa concluded with some very emotional thoughts of her own - a must-read for MS patients who may be suffering from some similar feelings.

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    Vicki had a very productive month in her own right, tackling issues such as maintaining independence despite the limitations of MS and engaging in a summer project involving a research study or clinical trial.

    We had Questions of the Week from all of our contributors, including Lisa's question about freedom from MS and Vicki inquiring about staying mentally sharp.  Amy's contribution was about her upcoming colonoscopy and non-MS related health issues.


    On the news front, a report was released that shows that brain changes in MS patients may trigger depression.  Also, there was a study (who studies this?) that MS patients demand access to new treatments.


    Anything else happen this month that I missed?  Post it in the comments!

Published On: July 29, 2010