August 2010 in Review

CRegal Editor
  • On this, the last week before Labor Day, we must stop and remember the great summer that we just had.  Wait.  What?!  The summer is over!?  I, for one, do not approve.


    This was an exciting month here at MSCentral.  We covered a variety of topics and a variety of perspectives on topics. 


    First, Vicki and Lisa did a wonderful job of dissecting a complicated topic: Pediatric MS.  Vicki started us off with an Introduction, helped patients confirm whether or not the symptoms were MS or something else, and talked about quality-of-life issues with children with pediatric MS. 


    Lisa followed up with a piece on MS Centers of Excellence, listed resources for parents and kids and analyzed some of the on-going research studies working with pediatric MS.  She also told a story of her college experience and how MS may have affected it had she had the disease at the time. 

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    Great stuff!


    We also had four great Questions of the Week.  I have to admit, this is one of my favorite sections of the site as it allows the writers to connect directly with the community and tell a more personal story than may be offered ina a regular Sharepost.  Lisa talked about her bucket list, Amy discussed inspired times, Vicki asked about Mobile devices and MS, and Amy closed out the month with another post about self-image and MS.


    We hope you had a great summer and look forward to seeing you next month!  And if you have young ones going back to school in the fall, we wish them the best of luck!

Published On: August 31, 2010