MS and Diet: Eggs

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  • Did you eat your share of Easter Eggs?

    Yesterday was Easter, the day of many boiled eggs.

    Some MS diets, especially vegetarian, recommend MSers stay away from eggs. Some of our digestive systems just don't agree with eggs. However, the Easter bunny has other ideas for those of us who are not vegan.

    • Eggs are a good source of vitamin B-12. Remember, B-12 helps fight fatigue, depression, and even memory loss.
    • The MS Recovery Diet includes eggs as one of five common "trigger foods" that set off MS symptoms (along with dairy, grains, legumes, and yeast).
    • Eggs help with the metabolism of fatty acids, leading to a healthier central nervous system.
    • Egg whites are considered healthy because of their amino acids.

      So, the question of this Easter Week is: Did you eat your share of Easter Eggs?

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    Published On: April 05, 2010