Summer Vacation Living with Multiple Sclerosis

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  • What does summer mean to you?

    In the media, summer is time when school is over and activities focus on young kids. Are you ready? It's time for swimming. Are you bikini ready?  This is the time for vacations, athletic camps, beaches and pools, amusement parks, backyard bar-be-ques, and all kinds of outside fun!

    But summer vacation means something else for those of us with MS.  It might mean travel to cooler climates or staying inside air conditioned buildings.
    We like to have fun, too. So what do we do in the summer heat? Does summer mean all kinds of fun activities, or does it mean hiding from the sun and the heat it brings with it?

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    The question of the week is: What does summer mean to you?

Published On: May 04, 2010