How Does Your Smart Phone Make a Difference Living with Multiple Sclerosis?

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  • How does your hand held techie device (PDA, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) make a difference in your life with MS?

    It seems the whole world uses hand-held devices. Which ones do you use, how do you use them, and what difference do they make in your life? Are there some you would like to use?

    What about your cell phone? How do you use it? Calls only, texting, storing addresses, Internet surfing, listening to music, playing games, tracking family members?

    What about laptops, ipods, mp3s, Blackberries, language translaters, Kindles, or other techie devices?  Some devices have very specific purposes, and some can do almost everything.

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    Many hand held devices are taking advantage of technologies that may be helpful for people with disabilities. There are speech and voice recognition, the ability to synchronize the phone or PDA to a computer, and connect to a wireless network almost anywhere. Of course there are touch screens to make selections easy.

    What do you use, and what do you want to use?       

    Today’s Question of the Week is: How does your hand held techie device or PDA make a difference in your life with MS?


Published On: August 24, 2010