Do You Relate to Any TV Characters?

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  • Is there a TV character you identify with?

    I tend to have the TV on while I'm doing something else, like working on the computer or writing. Much of the time the programs act as background noise, but for some programs I stop and watch.

    I particularly like Ellen, game shows - mostly word games - medical drama like Grey’s Anatomy, and murder mysteries, like The Closer and Bones.

    My favorite personalities are usually strong and confident. The relationships are fun, flirty and with plenty of sexual tension.

    I don't see too many characters with chronic conditions in a leading role. I liked the House episode, especially when the question concerned a cane or a wheelchair deserving the disabled parking place more. It’s a good question, with arguments on both sides. I think I relate to the Brenda character on The Closer because she has men reporting to her who were not sure she was up to the job, but then grew to support her. I was in a similar situation a lifetime ago.

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    What about you? Do you have a favorite character because he or she is familiar to you?

    So the question this week is: Is there a TV character you identify with?

Published On: October 05, 2010