Dreams, Mood and Multiple Sclerosis

Vicki Health Guide
  • Do you remember your dreams? Do you think you can control your dreams?

    This week I saw The Good Night, a movie about dreams. The dream girl is Penelope Cruz, probably a real dream girl for many movie goers. The dreamer’s wife is Gwyneth Paltrow, a dream girl in her own right. Danny DeVito is a guru who counsels in dream control so Penelope Cruz will continue to monopolize the dreamer’s dreams.

    Does this really happen? Can we control our dreams? What do you think?

    According to the National Sleep Foundation, on average, humans spend between 20 percent and 25 percent of sleep time dreaming each night. I think women remember dreams more than men even though they sometimes do not remember details.

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    Some medications, like antidepressants and maybe disease modifying drugs, can affect the central nervous system and cause nightmares. Your dreams can affect your mood and increase your stress levels. Can you control which mood?

    There is a theory that odors have a strong effect on dream emotions. Delightful fragrances before you go to sleep may help you have pleasant dreams. Therefore you can awake expecting a positive attitude and a good day.

    Do you remember the details of your dreams? Do you think you can change the fabric of your dreams just by controlling fragrances before you go to sleep?

    So the question this week is: Do you remember your dreams? Do you think you can control your dreams?

Published On: September 06, 2011