Gadgets to Help with MS: Question of the Week

Vicki Health Guide
  • Have you found some software or gadget that is useful in your daily routine?

    For example, I use voice recognition software because I lost the use of my right hand, and my left hand is not proficient with typing.  What products or gadgets do you find useful when you face new symptom challenges?

    I now use utensils with thick, rubber handles. Kitchen tongs serve as my grabber when I can't reach. The microwave has almost completely eliminated using the oven. I use a hand-towel on my lap instead of a napkin because it covers more space and is absorbent in case my intended bite is uncooperative. Have you found innovative solutions to your problems?

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    I use Dragon Dictate to complement my faltering typing skills. What about you?

    I read  that iPad is recommended for MSers in the late stages, but it is also used with pleasure in earlier stages. I know it is extra light, and amazing with pictures and music, but I find the keyboard awkward. Maybe I am not ready for this quite yet. Are you?

    So here are some of the things that help ease my day. What about other things? Have you found some gadgets helpful during the day?  

    So the question this week is: Have you found some software or gadget that is useful in your daily routine? 

Published On: December 20, 2011