Feedback - Question of the Week

Vicki Health Guide
  • What do you think about feedback? When do you use it?

    Whether giving or receiving, feedback involves participation and trust. Do you even want to know what others think? Why would you stick your neck out and tell someone how you feel? What if you take the time to participate and your feedback is misunderstood, or worse, misused?

    These questions lead to a couple more important issues:

    • An effective feedback system is one of the best ways to improve quality.
    • Feedback, even negative feedback, is an opportunity to learn.

    Feedback supports a desire for improvement, and we have available today social networking systems which have never been more powerful. Whether it’s a poll, survey, like button, heart, thumbs up/down, comment or connection, feedback is vital.

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    What do you think about feedback?

    (Thank you, Garry, for filling in for me this week.)
    (Aw shucks. You’re welcome, Vicki.)

Published On: January 26, 2012