Social Networking and MS - Question of the Week

Vicki Health Guide
  • Do you have a favorite social networking site?

    The concept of an online virtual community is not new, but still growing very fast. It offers valuable opportunities for sharing information on various specific interests.

    There is always Twitter (300M registered users) and Facebook (800M registered users). HealthCentral is on both of these sites. Another site HealthCentral is on is StlumbleUpon.

    In a post last month, Merely Me mentioned StumbleUpon. I commend her for bringing to our attention this innovative and unique website. It helps to enhance our social networking experience.

    Here are a couple others I have been looking at:

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    Here is a professional site where you can connect to others including those related to MS. HealthCentral’s LinkedIn connection is here.

    Infographic List - Healthcare
    Then there is a site that illustrates information in the form of data visualization and infographics. While not exactly a networking site, they do share information in a very usable and creative format.

    So the question of the week is: Do you have a favorite social networking site?

Published On: February 27, 2012