Health Care Reform, Obamacare and Your Thoughts: Question of the Week

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  • The 2010 "Obamacare" Health Care law controversy has been argued in front of the Supreme Court, and now it is being protested in front of the building. Which side do you support?


    Let's take a look.


    People who agree with the bill and want to keep it intact say it will save us all money and reduce the deficit. Everyone wants to save money. It has been called a historic victory. They say it lowers health care costs and protects us from unfair insurance practices.  The law also promises to provide care to the tens of millions of Americans who are currently uninsured.


    Those who want the bill amended or completely thrown out say that it is socialist in its nature. It will really cost us more money and increase the deficit. Now, no one wants that. This side says the bill will reduce benefits and decrease the quality of health care that is still available.

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    There is concern from both sides that parts of the bill are unconstitutional. When our fearless Editor Chris suggested this topic, he said he was "hanging around the Supreme Court building." He was in the midst of the protests and heard about a rumor as he said, "that the president's side totally tanked" in the oral arguments at the Supreme Court.


    Of course this is only a summary, but it gives you the idea. If you want more details, look at Health Care Reform on, a non-partisan, non-profit web site.


    So the question this week is: What side of the Health Care bill controversy do you support? Or are you undecided? And why?


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Published On: May 01, 2012