MS and Personal Goals -- Question of the Week

Vicki Health Guide
  • What is a personal goal, and how do you think it could be achieved?

    Some people have more than one goal. I know I do. For example, I have two goals affected by my MS.

    I have work that must be completed, even though I have limited abilities. Many MSers have a similar situation. As my disabilities increase, I try to focus on my abilities.

    I have a hospital table over my bed that holds my laptop and mouse. Whenever I am awake, even for a few minutes, I can type a few words or edit a document, all with my one hand that still works. When my hand is not able to type or my vision is worse than unusual, which happens more often than not lately, I use voice recognition software to create my document.

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    My second goal is to help increase MS awareness. I knew nothing about MS when I was first diagnosed, and it certainly would have been helpful to know then what I know now. I would like to share information with people who have been diagnosed, and also with people who know MSers and do not understand the invisible symptoms.

    These are two of my MS-related goals. There is much to do to achieve these goals. Perhaps they are too ambitious for me, but Helen Keller once said, “If you cannot do much, do what you can.”  I know I can do that much -- what I can.

    So the question this week is: What is a personal goal,  and how do you think it could be achieved?

Published On: August 27, 2012