MS and Halloween, What is your costume? - Question of the Week

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  • In October of 2009, Lisa Emrich wrote a question about Halloween and MS. I thought it was creative, cute and thought-provoking.  So maybe it’s time to re-visit her question. Here it is, exactly as Lisa wrote it then. (Thanks, Lisa.)

    Halloween with MS: What Costume Represents You?


    Welcome to the final week of October!!  The one in which young ghouls and goblins plan their festive activities, while the rest of us try not to eat all of the candy before the parade of Tricks and Treats come along. (or maybe that's just me,  )



    In honor of Halloween, I'd like to know.....


    What would be your perfect MS costume?

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    Or rather, what costume or character best fits your current MS symptoms?


    Last year, I would have been Frankstein's Monster as iconically portrayed by Boris Karloff in 1931.  I'm convinced that the monster had a bad case of spasticity.


    This year, I'm more of a surfer-dudette who finds herself making quick adjustments (complete with flailing arms) while trying to ride that imbalance wave to shore.


    So what character is your MS playing this year?


    Lisa Emrich is author of the blog Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA and founder of the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

    If you want to see Lisa’s original and the great comments, click here.

    What would you be? I had said back in 2009 that I would be the woman carried in a silk draped sedan chair or litter by kind, strong, loving men and women volunteers. We would pass out flowers and smiles to all of the people in the land.

      Image credit:  Wikipedia commons

    This year, I would wear the same costume and crew but I would add chocolates to the flowers and smiles that we pass out. After all, it is Halloween. Wink   

    Happy Halloween!

Published On: October 29, 2012